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How it works?

How does it work?

Registration process: I’m a lawyer, how can I register?

The registration process is free and takes less than 2 minutes. After completing it, our services will check and confirm the application. Once the registration has been validated, the lawyer appears on the website. This two-steps confirmation process ensures that only lawyers listed in a Bar can offer their services on Legal Finder.

Booking process: How will clients reach me?

The client searches for a lawyer on Legal Finder based on his needs and preferences. Legal Finder offers them two possibilities:

  1. Choose a specific lawyer. The lawyer receives an email informing him of the case and the appointment request.
  2. Submit the case to all the lawyers in the legal field concerned, and the ones interested will answer. All the lawyers in the field receive the information about the case and the appointment request. The client will choose one among those interested on the case.

In both cases, the request appears on the personal space of the lawyer where he/she has to accept or reject the case. When there is no response in 48 hours, Legal Finder cancels the request. We recommend checking your personal space twice a day to not miss any opportunity.

Pricing: How much does it cost?

Legal Finder is a platform where lawyers can register for free. We only apply a fixed administrative fee for each accepted booking request. There are two types of fees:

We have chosen this revenue model to allow the lawyer to pay only if she/he accepts a request, and therefore to pay only when she/he has a potential client.

Booking acceptance: What happens when I accept a booking?

After the lawyer accepts a request, we let the client know by email, and the lawyer receives the client’s contact details. The lawyer receives the information in his personal space and inbox. The lawyer must then contact the client to arrange the details of the appointment, specifying the time and venue, and if he wishes to discuss in a meeting or by phone.

The lawyer is free to organize himself as he wishes with the client, and Legal Finder is no longer involved in the exchanges that occur between the client and the lawyer after acceptance of the request. It means Legal Finder is not involved in the invoicing between the lawyer and his client.

Booking rejection: What happens if I can’t take the client?

We communicate the refusal to the client with, if applicable, the reason for the refusal. When the lawyer refuses the request, he will no longer have access to the information. The booking request can then be proposed to other lawyers, if the client wants to. The refusal does not entail any costs for the lawyer.

When the lawyer refuses a request, he has the possibility to explain why. We encourage this action because it improves the lawyer image toward the client and helps Legal Finder understand the needs of the lawyers.

Billing cycle: How and when will you be charged for our services?

Once the lawyer accepts a booking request, he/she will receive an invoice by email. The invoice is due right away. At the moment, the payment method is wire transfer only. We expect to offer other means of payment, especially by credit card, soon.

Cancellation: I don’t want to benefit from Legal Finder services anymore

The lawyer can unsubscribe without charge at any moment. However, the invoices due will remain to be paid. To cancel your subscription, contact us by email at or use our contact form.

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